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Blood count and number of somatic cells in milk of cows infected with Coxiella burnetii

Author(s): Radinović Miodrag | Boboš Stanko | Pajić Marija | Vidić Branka | Rašić Zoran | Davidov Ivana | Špegar Rade

Journal: Veterinarski Glasnik
ISSN 0350-2457

Volume: 65;
Issue: 5-6;
Start page: 367;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: cow | Coxiella burnetii | somatic cells | blood count

The objective of the work was to examine the intensity of the local immune response of the mammary gland and the changes in the differential blood count of chronically infected cows. An experiment was performed on a group of cows with Q fever serologically proven using the ELISA test (IDEXX). Based on the ELISA test results, an experimental group of ten infected cows was formed. Blood was sampled from the experimental cows, and cumulative milk samples were taken. The number of erythrocytes was determined spectrophotometrically, and the number of leucocytes using the method according to Bürker - Türk. The blood analysis established an increased number of erythrocytes, while the number of leucocytes was within the limits of physiological values. The milk samples were used for the determination of the number of somatic cells using flow cytometric measurements. The processing of the milk samples established an average number of somatic cells of 853.000 /mL milk.
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