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Author(s): Redactie KITLV

Journal: Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde
ISSN 0006-2294

Volume: 162;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 523;
Date: 2008;
Original page

I Wayan Arka, Malcolm Ross (eds); The many faces of Austronesian voice systems; Some new empirical studies (René van den Berg) H.W. Dick; Surabaya, city of work; A socioeconomic history, 1900-2000 (Peter Boomgaard) Josiane Cauquelin; The aborigines of Taiwan: the Puyuma; From headhunting to the modern world. (Wen-Teh Chen) Mark Turner, Owen Podger (with Maria Sumardjono and Wayan K. Tirthayasa); Decentralisation in Indonesia; Redesigning the state (Dorian Fougères) Jérôme Samuel; Modernisation lexicale et politique terminologique; Le cas de l’Indonésien (Arndt Graf) Nicholas J. White; British business in post-colonial Malaysia, 1957-70: neo-colonialism or disengagement? (Karl Hack) Chin Peng; Alias Chin Peng; My side of history; As told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor (Russell Jones) C.C. Chin, Karl Hack (eds); Dialogues with Chin Peng; New light on the Malayan Emergency (Russell Jones) Saw Swee-Hock; Population policies and programmes in Singapore (Santo Koesoebjono) Domenyk Eades; A grammar of Gayo; A language of Aceh, Sumatra (Yuri A. Lander) Derek Johnson, Mark Valencia (eds); Piracy in Southeast Asia; Status, issues, and responses (Carolyn Liss) Niclas Burenhult; A grammar of Jahai (James A. Matisoff) Ann R. Kinney, Marijke J. Klokke, Lydia Kieven (photographs by Rio Helmi); Worshiping Siva and Buddha; The temple art of East Java (Dick van der Meij) Ruben Stoel; Focus in Manado Malay; Grammar, particles, and intonation (Don van Minde) Pamela J. Stewart, Andrew Strathern (eds); Expressive genres and historical change; Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Taiwan. (Dianne van Oosterhout) Johszua Robert Mansoben; Sistem politik tradisional di Irian Jaya, Indonesia; Studi perbandingan (Anton Ploeg) Timothy B. Barnard (ed.); Contesting Malayness; Malay identities across boundaries (Nathan Porath) Joel Bradshaw, Francisc Czobor (eds); Otto Dempwolff’s grammar of the Jabêm language in New Guinea (Ger Reesink) Jon Fraenkel; The manipulation of custom; From uprising to intervention in the Solomon Islands (Jaap Timmer) Clive Moore; Happy isles in crisis; The historical causes for a failing state in Solomon Islands, 1998-2004 (Jaap Timmer) Peter Burns; The Leiden legacy; Concepts of law in Indonesia (Bryan S. Turner) Terry Crowley; Bislama reference grammar (Kees Versteegh) REVIEW ESSAY Matthew Isaac Cohen; Transnational and postcolonial gamelan Lisa Gold; Music in Bali Margaret J. Kartomi; The Gamelan Digul and the prison camp musician who built it; An Australian link with the Indonesian revolution Marc Perlman; Unplayed melodies; Javanese gamelan and the genesis of music theory Ted Solís (ed.); Performing ethnomusicology; Teaching and representation in world music ensembles Henry Spiller; Gamelan; The traditional sounds of Indonesia Andrew N. Weintraub; Power plays; Wayang golek theater of West Java REVIEW ESSAY Victor T. King; People and nature in Borneo Tim Bending; Penan histories; Contentious narratives in upriver Sarawak Rajindra K. Puri; Deadly dances in the Bornean rainforest; Hunting knowledge of the Penan Benalui, 2005 Reed L. Wadley (ed.); Histories of the Borneo environment; Economic, political and social dimensions of change and continuity In: Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde no. 162 (2006), no: 4, Leiden
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