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Author(s): Redactie KITLV

Journal: Nieuwe West-Indische Gids
ISSN 0028-9930

Volume: 58;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 213;
Date: 1984;
Original page

-Christopher B. Steiner, Robert Farris Thompson, Flash of the spirit: African and Afro-American art and philosophy. New York: Random House, 1983. xvii + 317 pp. -P.C. Emmer, Peggy K. Liss, Atlantic empires: the network of trade and revolution, 1713-1826. Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture, 1983. xxiii + 348 pp. -Jerome S. Handler, Roger D. Abrahams ,After Africa: extracts from British travel the British West Indies. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1983. 444 pp., John F. Szwed (eds) -Franklin W. Knight, Ken Post, Strike the iron: a colony at war: Jamaica, 1939-1945. 2 volumes. Atlantic Highlands NJ: Humanities Press, 1981. xiv + 567 pp. -Mary Turner, Christine Bolt ,Anti-slavery, religion and reform: essays in memory of Roger Anstey. Folkstone, Kent, England: William Dawson and Sons; Hampden CT: Archon Books, 1980. xii + 377 pp., Seymour Drescher (eds) -Carl C. Campbell, Mary Turner, Slaves and missionaries: the disintegration of Jamaican slave society, 1781-1834. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1982. 223 pp. -Ransford W. Palmer, Hugh N. Dawes, Public finance and economic development: spotlight on Jamaica. Washington D.C.: University Press of America, 1982. xvi + 147 pp. -Michéle Baj Strobel, Wellesley A. Baird, Guyana gold: the story of Wellesley A. Baird, Guyana's greatest miner. With an end essay by Kathleen J. Adams. Washington D.C.: Three Continents Press, 1982. 185 pp. -Charles V. Carnegie, Bonham C. Richardson, Caribbean Migrants: environment and human survival on St. Kitts and Nevis. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 1983. xiii + 209 pp. -Keith F. Otterbein, John Bregenzer, Tryin' to make it: adapting to the Bahamas. Washington, D.C.: University Press of America, 1982. viii + 88 pp. -Wayne S. Smith, Louis A. Perez, Cuba between empires, 1878-1902. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1982. xx + 490 pp. -Sergio Roca, Susan Schroeder, Cuba: a handbook of historical statistics. Boston: G.K. Hall, International Historical Statistical Series, 1982. xlii + 589 pp. -James W. Wessman, H. Hoetink, The Dominican people 1850-1900: notes for a historical sociology. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture, 1982, 243 pp. -Frank Penã Pérez, Maria Rosario Sevilla Soler, Santo Domingo: tierra de frontera, 1750-1800. Seville: Escula de Estudios Hispano-Americanos, 1980. xx + 502 pp. -Ricardo Campos Orta, Francisco A. Scarano, Inmigración y clases sociales en el Puerto Rico del siglo XIX. Rio Pedras, Puerto Rico: Ediciones Huracán, 1981. -Roberto Márquez, David William Foster, Puerto Rican literature: a bibliography of secondary sources. Westport CT & London: Greenwood Press, 1982. 232 pp. -Glenn R. Smucker, Robert Tata, Haiti, land of poverty. Washington: University Press of America, 1982. xi + 127 pp. -Silvia de Groot, Albert Helman, De foltering van Eldorado: een ecologische geschiedenis van de vijf Guyana's. 's-Gravenhage: Hijgh & Van Ditmar, 1983. 495 pp. -Ian Hancock, John Holm, Central American English. Heidelberg: Julius Groos Verlag, 1983. 184 pp. + cassette tape.

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