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Author(s): Redactie KITLV

Journal: New West Indian Guide
ISSN 1382-2373

Volume: 79;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 103;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Marcus Wood; Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography (Lynn M. Festa) Michèle Praeger; The Imaginary Caribbean and Caribbean Imaginary (Celia Britton) Charles V. Carnegie; Postnationalism Prefigured: Caribbean Borderlands (John Collins) Mervyn C. Alleyne; The Construction and Representation of Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and the World (Charles V. Carnegy) Jerry Gershenhorn; Melville J. Herskovits and the Racial Politics of Knowledge (Richard Price) Sally Cooper Coole; Ruth Landes: A Life in Anthropology (Olivia Maria Gomes Da Cunha) Maureen Warner Lewis; Central Africa in the Caribbean: Transcending Time, Transforming Cultures (Robert W. Slenes) Gert Oostindie (ed.); Facing up to the Past: Perspectives on the Commemoration of Slavery from Africa, the Americas and Europe (Gad Heuman) Gert Oostindie, Inge Klinkers; Decolonising the Caribbean: Dutch Policies in a Comparative Perspective (Paul Sutton) Kirk Peter Meigho; Politics in a ‘Half-Made Society’: Trinidad and Tobago, 1925-2001 (Douglas Midgett) Linden Lewis (ed.); The Culture of Gender and Sexuality in the Caribbean (David A.B. Murray) Gertrude Aub-Buscher, Beverly Ormerod Noakes (eds.); The Francophone Caribbean Today: Literature, Language, Culture (Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw) Sally Lloyd-Evans, Robert B. Potter; Gender, Ethnicity and the Iinformal Sector in Trinidad (Katherine E. Browne) STeve Striffler, Mark Moberg (eds.); Banana Wars: Power, Production and History in the Americas (Peter Clegg) Johannes Postma, Victor Enthoven (eds.); Riches from Atlantic Commerce: Dutch Transatlantic Trade and Shipping, 1585-1817 (Gert J. Oostindie) Phil Davison; Volcano in Paradise: Death and Survival on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat (Bonham C. Richardson) Ernest Zebrowski jr; The Last Days of St. Pierre: The Volcanic Disaster that Claimed Thirty Thousand Lives (Bernard Moitt) Beverley A. Steele; Grenada: A History of Its People (Jay R. Mandle) Walter C. Soderlund (ed.); Mass Media and Foreign Policy: Post-Cold War Crises in the Caribbean (Jason Parker) Charlie Whitham; Bitter Rehearsal: British and American Planning for a Post-War West Indies (Jason Parker) Douglas V. Amstrong; Creole Transformation from Slavery to Freedom: Historical Archaeology of the East End Community, St. John, Virgin Islands (Karin Fog Olwig) H.U.E. Thoden van Velzen; Een koloniaal drama: De grote staking van de Marron vrachtvaarders, 1921 (Chris de Beet) Joseph F. Callo; Nelson in the Caribbean: The Hero Emerges, 1784-1787 (Carl E. Swanson) Jorge Duany; The Puerto Rican Nation on the Move: Identities on the Island and in the United States (Juan Flores) Raquel Z. Rivera; New York Ricans from the Hip Hop Zone (Halbert Barton) Alfonso J. García Osuna; The Cuban Filmography, 1897 through 2001 (Ann Marie Stock) Michael Aceto, Jeffrey P. Williams (eds.); Contact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean (Geneviève Escure) In: New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids (NWIG) 79 (2005), no. 1 & 2
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