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Bridges across the Mediterranean sea: an introduction to the Maghreb-Southern Europe migration system

Author(s): Alexandre Abreu | João Diogo Mateus

Journal: Finisterra : Revista Portuguesa de Geografia
ISSN 0430-5027

Volume: XXXIX;
Issue: 77;
Start page: 159;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: Migration | Mediterranean | Southern Europe | Maghreb | migration systems

The current geopolitical importance of the Mediterranean isheightened by the fact that it is both a dividing physical barrier between a developed Europe and a chronically peripheral Africa and one of the main structuring corridors for international migration. This note builds on the assumption that the Maghreb-Southern Europe migratory flows are best analysed in a “migration systems” approach and makes a contribution to the awareness of the history andpresent characteristics of the flows within this particular system. The note is divided into five sections: Section 1 further specifies the object of the note; Section 2 provides a brief historical account of the main periods and events of relevance to the dynamics of this migration system; Section 3 is a quantitative analysis of thestocks and flows of North African immigration to European countries in the recent past; Section 4 looks into these flows in further detail, seeking to identify some of their recent characteristics; finally, Section 5 identifies some foreseeable (economic, institutional, demographic,…) developments that are likely to affect the future dynamics of the system.
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