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Bridging the Universe and the Cognition

Author(s): Tao Yang

Journal: International Journal of Computational Cognition
ISSN 1542-8060

Volume: 3;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: The Universe | the Cognition | the Unicogse | computational verb | physical linguistics | fuzzy theory

In this paper the following questions are answered:- What is the cognition?- Where does the cognition came from?- Can we set up a theoretical framework that is similar to the physics for the cognition?- Which one is the most essential, the Universe or the Cognition?- Which one did exist first, the Universe or the Cognition?- Is it true to say that the cognition is an emergentphenomenon from brains?The theory presented in this paper is called the Unicogse Theory.In this theory, the “real” physical world(the Universe) and the“imaginary” cognitive world(the Cognition) are two coexistingand indispensable sub-Beings of the super-Being called theUnicogse (Universe+Cognition). The Universe and the Cognitionare a dual pair. The cognition is not generated by a physicalsystem such as a brain. Yet, a physical system with groundedlogics, such as natural languages, can access the Cognitionthrough a window between the Universe and the Cognition. Onlya grounded logics such as a human natural language has theability to bridge the Universe and the Cognition. Therefore, thecognition of a brain is not generated by a brain, it is “received”by the brain from the Cognition side. From this point of view,a human brain is a “sink” of a cognition while the “source” ofthis cognition is at the Cognition side, its natural language is the“antenna”.

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