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A Brief Overview of Early History of Iranian Radiology

Author(s): Akbar Bonakdarpour

Journal: Iranian Journal of Radiology
ISSN 1735-1065

Volume: 6;
Issue: S1;
Start page: 57;
Date: 2009;
Original page

"nThis article, related to the history of Iranian radiology, is based on my personal limited information gained at the time I practiced radiology in Tehran from 1958 to 1963. The late Dr. Habib Adl (was the uncle of the late Professor Yahya Adl, a pioneer of modern surgery in Iran). I did not know Dr. Habib Adl, but he was the first Iranian radiation therapist in Tehran and probably he also practiced diagnostic radiology as well.The late Dr. Mohammad Hessabi held the Chair of radiology at Tehran University Medical School. He was also Chairman of Radiology at Sina Hospital of Tehran University, as well as a private practitioner. He was not too active when I was in Tehran.The late Dr. Ahmad Farhad held the Chair of the Department of Medical Physics at Tehran University Medical School for many years. Later on he became the first chairman of radiology at the former Tehran University's "500 beds Hospital" currently called the "Imam Khomeini Hospital". Dr. Farhad was a highly successful private practitioner of radiology and extremely powerful in Iranian radiological affairs. He also was the Dean of Tehran University Medical School as well as the president of Tehran University for several years.Dr. Massih was an associate professor of radiology at the "500 beds Hospital" and he was also a private practitioner. He is in California now.The Late Dr. Pezeshkmehr was an associate professor at Sina Hospital and he was also a private practitioner. Dr. Pezeshkmehr was a true gentleman. His son is now a radiologist in Tehran.Dr. Atri was an associate professor at Sina Hospital and a he is a very good private practitioner.The late Dr. Manouchehrian was an associate professor of medical physics and he was also a private practitioner of radiology.The late Professor Abbass Maleki was Chairman of diagnostic radiology at Tehran Cancer Institute and probably a professor of radiology at Tehran University. He was a successful private practitioner.The late Dr. Mansour Guidfar had his radiological training in France and established an elaborate radiology office in Tehran. He practiced radiology diligently many years in Tehran.Dr. Youssef Fazlalizadeh was on the faculty of Tehran University and served a number of years in the radiology department of the "five hundred bed hospital" of Tehran University. He participated in training of radiology residents in that hospital. He was also a private practitioner.Dr. Nematollah Karamati established the department of radiology at Esfahan University. He was chairman of radiology at Esfahan University and he also was a private practitioner. He is in the USA now.Dr. Morteza Bajoghli of Esfahan University has been also a private practitioner. He is a very good teacher whose knowledge is always up to date. He was trained at the University of Pittsburg Pennsylvania and had the opportunity of learning directly from the late Dr. John Caffey, one of the founders of pediatric radiology.Drs. Niknejad, Ali Fatemi, Farah, khajavi, Zarrabi and Karim Vessal of Shiraz University deserve to be honorably included in the history of Iranian academic radiology. This was the only full-time academic group during their service at Shiraz University.Dr. Emami has been at Esfahan University and he is also a private practitioner. He is certified by the American Board of Radiology.Dr. Saeed Rad established the department of radiology at Tabriz University has been chairman for a number of years. He also has a private office. He is an excellent teacher of radiology.Dr. Alizadeeh was at Mashad University and perhaps he was a private practitioner. He is retired in Switzerland now. He had his training with the late Dr. Felson, the prominent American teacher and chest radiologist.Dr. Hassan Fateh was at Pars Hospital in Tehran and he was a founder of the Iranian Radiology Society without any financial benefit from the society. He is in USA now. He was trained in UK and USA. He had his training in the USA with Dr. Harold Jacobson of New York. Dr. Jacobson was a great teacher and a pioneer in Skeletal Radiology. Dr. Fateh was a very good diagnostic radiologist.The late Dr. Issa Yaghmai was at Tehran University and he was a founder of the Iranian Radiology Society without any financial benefit from the society.Dr. Yaghmai was a good skeletal radiologist and a member of the International Skeletal Society.The late Dr. Seyed Majid Rooholamini of Shafa Rehabilitation Hospital was a superb diagnostic radiologist and a founder of the Iranian Radiology Society without any financial benefit from the society. Dr. Rooholamini had his residency at Yale University with Dr. Richard Greenspan and his fellowship at the University of California with Dr. Herbert Abrams before he became Chairman of Radiology at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital of Harvard University. Dr. Rooholamini served the Iranian radiology selflessly all of his professional life. He was a highly ethical person and must be given a grade A for his service to Iranian radiology.Dr. Rassoul Sedaghat, the current president, Dr. Jalal Jalalshokoohi the current secretary and Dr. Ameri the past-president of the Iranian radiology Society as well as Dr. Karim Vessal the truly academic radiologist of Shiraz University and the editor of the Radiology Journal of the Iranian Radiology Society, and also Dr. Davoodi a radiologist from Mashad University, all have served the Iranian radiology very efficiently. They all deserve to be honorably mentioned in the history of Iranian Radiology.The late Professor Mahmoud Hessabi should be given credit for his pioneering work in making the radiology equipment in Iran and doing basic radiological research in the country. I did not have the pleasure and honor of knowing and working with Professor Mahmoud Hessabi. Nevertheless, he was one of the most prominent and dedicated Iranian scientists of his time.There are other radiologists that I have not mentioned their names, either because I did not know them or I did not remember their names.  
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