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Brominated Selinane Sesquiterpenes from the Marine Brown Alga Dictyopteris divaricata

Author(s): Nai-Yun Ji | Wei Wen | Xiao-Ming Li | Qin-Zhao Xue | Hua-Ling Xiao | Bin-Gui Wang

Journal: Marine Drugs
ISSN 1660-3397

Volume: 7;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 355;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Dictyopteris divaricata | sesquiterpene | selinane

Two new brominated selinane sesquiterpenes, 1-bromoselin-4(14),11-diene (1) and 9-bromoselin-4(14),11-diene (2), one known cadinane sesquiterpene, cadalene (3), and four known selinane sesquiterpenes, α-selinene (4), β-selinene (5), β-dictyopterol (6), and cyperusol C (7), were isolated from a sample of marine brown alga Dictyopteris divaricata collected off the coast of Yantai (China). Their structures were established by detailed MS and NMR spectroscopic analysis, as well as comparison with literature data.
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