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Bruce D. Marshall and Realism

Author(s): Adonis Vidu,

Journal: Journal for Christian Theological Research
ISSN 1087-1624

Volume: 10;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2005;
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Bruce Marshall’s Trinity and Truth proposes, among other things, a move beyond realism and non-realism, with the aid of Donald Davidson’s theory of truth. Marshall suggests that while Davidson’s account is correct, it needs a theological supplement because the truth of theological sentences cannot be ‘automatic’. Two main objections to Marshall’s argument. First, I argue that his ‘automaticity argument’ fails, while unwittingly undermining the unity of truth. Second, Marshall’s assurances that we are still in touch with the world (although we have moved beyond correspondence realism) are compromised by certain Davidsonian and holist constraints upon the notion of causality.Isuggest that McDowell’s correction of Davidson can help restore that confidence
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