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Calega Panzan, “Ar es sazos c’om si deu alegrar” (BdT 107.1)

Author(s): Linda Paterson

Journal: Lecturae Tropatorum
ISSN 1974-4374

Volume: 5;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Calega Panzan | Troubadours | Old Occitan | Textual criticism | Interpretation

This Ghibelline ‘sirventes’ of 1268 celebrates the expedition to Italy of Conradin, the young heir to the Hohenstaufen dynasty, claimant to the imperial crown, challenger to Pope Clement IV and his ally Charles of Anjou, and object of a political crusade against Christians. The most significant work on its historical circumstances was carried out by Jeanroy and, jointly, Sternfeld and Schultz-Gora in 1903. Their arguments are often confusing, and are now out of date. The discussion here attempts to clarify their arguments, the text and the historical situation in the light of a new critical edition of the text and more recent historical and other research. Contrary to Jeanroy’s claim, the troubadour appears to be well informed of the events he evokes, and his virulent polemic may have contributed to Angevin attempts at censorship.
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