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"A case of self-induced reflex epilepsy "

Author(s): "Moatamedi M | Banki A | Sahraian M "

Journal: Acta Medica Iranica
ISSN 0044-6025

Volume: 38;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 166;
Date: 2000;
Original page

Keywords: Self-induced reflex epilepsy

The term reflex epilepsy in reserved for a small subgroup o seizures that occur regularly in response to specific stimuli. Our patient is a 20- year old male, who had pleasure, euphoria, loss of conciousness and generalized tonic- clonic convulstion when he watched TV since ten years. During puberty the patient that self-induced reflex epilepsy with photic stimulation, when watching TV or looking at sun and with had moving in front of his eyes to produce flickers. The patient first had sex pleasure, euphoria, erection and ejaculation, and then developed loss of consiousness and generalized tonic- clonic seizure, that took about 4-5 min. what is more intersing is that he asked us for a kind of drug that controlled his generalized tonic-clonic seizures but not his pleasure and orgasm, and he said that he would refuse any drug interfered with his orgasm.

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