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A Case Study on the Experience Quality Evaluation of Virtual Tour

Author(s): YANG Wen-juan | WANG Xin | HU Chuan-dong

Journal: Journal of Chongqing Normal University
ISSN 1672-6693

Volume: 29;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 100;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: virtual tour | experience quality | evaluation | case

Human society has stepped into the experience economy era which is after the service economy. With the development of technology and increase of tour demand, virtual tour has achieved preliminary development. In recent years, virtual tour draws much attention of domestic researchers, but current studies mainly focus on the explanations of the conception, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The study in deep on experience of virtual tour is reporting less. This paper studies the experience quality of virtual tour by using analytic hierarchy process to construct evaluation model, selecting 5 indicators, including convenience, novelty, richness,simulation and experience, and 16 evaluation factors. The results show that simulation influences the experience quality most,and its importance degree reaches 33. 3%, then followed by experience, novelty, richness and convenience, and their importance degrees are 25. 2%,17. 6%,13. 8% and 10. 1%.
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