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Casos de Ensino/ Gestão: O Motim da Kanchedata

Author(s): Mauro Oddo Nogueira

Journal: TAC : Tecnologias de Administração e Contabilidade
ISSN 2236-0263

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 62;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: quality management | software quality | project management | knowledge management | strategic planning.

This case tells the story of a mutiny carried out by some Kanchedata employees: fictional company envisioned to be the biggest in Peru in data processing. With state-owned capital and deep connections with country’s elite, the company’s main customer is the Government. Its main product is the SS Sys. Developed in the ‘70s, its business model is quite complex. However, its social scope makes it strategic for the country. Because of supposed institutional stability, the company failed to modernize their product, which is technologically obsolete and undocumented. Believing that the company is hostage to its domain of embedded knowledge (undocumented/tacit knowledge), some employees decided to put the company in a difficult situation by requesting a salary increase above what would be normal. They threatened to create another company and take over the SS Sys contracts. As a complication, there is personal pressure from the Peruvian President on the company, as a problem in the system would launch social chaos. The question for the board is what attitude to take towards a crisis that threatens the company’s survival and that could have been avoided if a set of best practiceshad been used. The goal of this case is to highlight the importance of the strategic fundamentals of Quality Management in general and Software Engineering and Project Management in the case of this particular line of business.
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