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Catalytic wet-air oxidation of lignin in a three-phase reactor with aromatic aldehyde production

Author(s): Sales F.G. | Abreu C. A. M. | Pereira J. A. F. R.

Journal: Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
ISSN 0104-6632

Volume: 21;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 211;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: catalytic wet air-oxidation | lignin | vanillin | syringaldehyde p-hydroxybenzaldehyde | palladium catalyst | three-phase fluidized-bed reactor

In the present work a process of catalytic wet air oxidation of lignin obtained from sugar-cane bagasse is developed with the objective of producing vanillin, syringaldehyde and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde in a continuous regime. Palladium supported on g-alumina was used as the catalyst. The reactions in the lignin degradation and aldehyde production were described by a kinetic model as a system of complex parallel and series reactions, in which pseudo-first-order steps are found. For the purpose of producing aromatic aldehydes in continuous regime, a three-phase fluidized reactor was built, and it was operated using atmospheric air as the oxidizer. The best yield in aromatic aldehydes was of 12%. The experimental results were compatible with those values obtained by the pseudo-heterogeneous axial dispersion model (PHADM) applied to the liquid phase.
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