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Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Oxalic Acid using Platinum Catalysts in Bubble Column Reactor: A Review

Author(s): S. Roy | M. Vashishtha | A. K. Saroha

Journal: Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review
ISSN 1791-2377

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 95;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Bubble column reactor | Catalytic wet air oxidation | Oxalic acid | Platinum catalysts

Wastewater treatment and re-use of industrial process water are critical issue for the development of human activities andenvironment conservation. Catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) is an attractive and useful technique for treatment of effluentswhere the concentrations of organic pollutants are too low, for the incineration and other pollution control techniquesto be economically feasible and when biological treatments are ineffective, e.g. in the case of toxic effluents. In CWAO,combustion takes place on a Pt/Al2O3 catalysts usually at temperatures several degrees below those required forthermal incineration. In CWAO process, the organic contaminants dissolved in water are either partially degraded by meansof an oxidizing agent into biodegradable intermediates or mineralized into innocuous inorganic compounds such as CO2,H2O and inorganic salts, which remain in the aqueous phase. In contrast to other thermal processes CWAO produces no NOx,SO2, HCl, dioxins, furans, fly ash, etc. This review paper presents the application of platinum catalysts in bubble columnreactor for CWAO of oxalic acid.

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