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Cellular Perception: When the Cell Model Includes a Sense Order which Ensues from a Philosophy of Nature, the Signaling and Epigenetics Effects which Can Result from Exposure to Magnetic Fields Are Described Better

Author(s): Pierre Le Chapellier | Badri Matta

Journal: Neuroscience & Medicine
ISSN 2158-2912

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 161;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Philosophy of Nature | Aporia | Organicism | Sense Order | Causal Order | Cell | Epigenetics | Static Magnetic Fields | SMF | Electromagnetic Fields | EMF | Topological Thermodynamics | Extracellular Aqueous Medium

Academic biology-medicine refers to a couple of philosophies, Organicism and Mechanism, which translates into an association of Cybernetic diagrams and molecular Reductionism. This association presents logical difficulties which make it unsuitable to describe correctly biological effects of electromagnetic fields, EMF. But these logical difficulties may be overcome when renewing the organic cell idea by means of a Philosophy of Nature which juxtaposes causality order and sense order in the cell. The signalsome, the set of descriptive components resulting from the genome, is constantly reorganized. This remodeling may become epigenetic when the phenotype becomes transformed by experience of perceptions in a given medium, because the perception of overall information coming from the extracellular medium becomes functional within the system. In that cellular perception, it is stated that the significance base which contributes to the sense order results from the qualitative topological structure of the extracellular medium. Therefore the EMF interactions target is not only the membrane and its molecules; it is also the structure of the extracellular medium which bathes the membrane. Knowing that the sense order modulation constitutes the global soil of the (localized) causality order, it is possible to obtain a same EMF bioeffect on a membrane molecule by treating a culture of cells in its bath or by treating only the extracellular aqueous medium. Consequently, the double bioeffect resulting from EMF exposure is described simply, because the sense order, such as it results from the qualitative structuring of the medium, forms the significance base which directs the causal mechanics of the cellular answer.

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