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Cereal mixtures in Polish scientific literature in the period 2003-2007

Author(s): Władysław Szempliński | Wojciech Budzyński

Journal: Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Agricultura
ISSN 1644-0625

Volume: 10;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 127;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: cultivar mixtures | fertilization of mixtures | naked barley | naked oat | protection against pathogens | weed infestation control

The paper comprises a review of the results of studies on cereal mixtures published in 2003-2007 in the Polish scientific literature. There are presented herein the most important issues concerning yield ability, weed, pest and diseases infestation. Cereal mixtures occupy the highest area among spring cereals in Poland and grain harvested from mixtures plays an important role in production of feedstock in the country. The highest concentration of mixtures is noted in the eastern region and the lowest in the south-western part of Poland. The higher yield ability of mixtures compared to pure cereal stands is connected with complementary utilization of environmental resources in different time, space (under- or aboveground) or form (water, light, nutrients) by mixtures’ components as well as with competition, responsible for changes in proportion of components in the mixture yield. The better stability of yield is attributed to a better competition ability against weeds and lower susceptibility of mixtures to diseases compared to pure stands. Mixed stands show a better response to some agronomical factors, such as irrigation, mineral fertilization and chemical protection against pests, weeds and diseases. A higher proportion of naked forms of barley and oat in mixtures has been recommended recently. Therefore, the mixture yields are lower than those of mixtures with hulled forms but their feeding value is higher, because of a lower content of fibre and a higher content of protein and fat.

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