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Certificação na agricultura: possibilidades de diversificação e interação para o desenvolvimento da produção regional

Author(s): Sônia Regina Paulino | Wagner Antonio Jacometi

Journal: Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente
ISSN 1518-952X

Volume: 14;
Start page: 95;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: certification | EurepGap | fruit production | environment.

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the certification process in tahiti lime farms in one of the main producing regions of the country, located in São Paulo State. We verified a context marked with two simultaneous phenomena. The first one is about the expansion of the tahiti lime production and about (EurepGap) the certification process European Retailers Produce Working Group - Agricultural GoodPractices, that is managed since 2002. The second one relates to the trend of alterations the São Paulo´s agricultural landscape with the modification in the crops to serve the necessity of increasing sugar cane production and the consequent reduction of the plantation of other crops. The proposed approach in the present article focuses on the understanding of the process of agricultural certification as an instrument that can be compatible with the productive diversification and increments in the interactions established between farmers and others participants of the production systems.

Tango Jona
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