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Characterization of Z/E11- and Z9-desaturases from the obliquebanded leafroller moth, Choristoneura rosaceana

Author(s): Guixia Hao | Marion O'Connor | Weitian Liu | Wendell L. Roelofs

Journal: Journal of Insect Science
ISSN 1536-2442

Volume: 2;
Start page: 26;
Date: 2002;
Original page

Keywords: Z9-desaturase | Z/E11-desaturase | Choristoneura rosaceana | RT-PCR | RACE PCR | Functional assay | YEpOLEX | pYES2 | Sex pheromone biosynthesis

A delta11-desaturase gene was cloned from the sex pheromone gland of the obliquebanded leafroller moth, Choristoneura rosaceana. The desaturase cDNA sequence spans 1300 nucleotides with an open reading frame encoding a 335 amino-acid protein, which has 81% identity to a Z/E11-desaturase of the redbanded leafroller moth, Argyrotaenia velutinana. A functional assay with a pYES2 yeast expression system demonstrated that the delta11-desaturase exhibits unusual substrate and stereospecificities in producing a Z/E11 mixture (7:1) of only C14 acids. A metabolic Z9-desaturase also was cloned from fat body of this species, and proved to be in the class that produces more Z9-16:Acid than Z9-18:Acid.
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