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Chemical analysis of potable water samples from selected suburbs of Accra, Ghana

Author(s): E.T. Gyamfi | M. Ackah | A. K. Anim, et al.

Journal: Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
ISSN 2220-8860

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 118;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: potable water | Accra | trace metals

A study was carried out to assess the suitability of potable water used for domestic activities in twelve selected suburbs in Accra. Several water quality parameters such as temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity and redox potential (eh) were measured. The results of the physical parameters revealed the following: temperature range of 25.2oC - 26.2oC, pH range of 6.64-7.80, conductivity range of 187-725 us/cm, total dissolved solids, 90-352 mg/L, total suspended solids 0-4 mg/L, bicarbonate, 68.27-121.91 mg/L, chloride, 11.996-343.89 mg/L, Phosphate, BDL-0.128 mg/L and sulphate, 0.08-0.40 mg/L. Copper and Manganese recorded concentrations below the WHO limits of 2mg/L and 0.01mg/L respectively. Iron however recorded concentrations higher than WHO limits of 0.1mg/L. However, Cd, Pb, Cr and Co were below their respective detection limits.
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