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Cholestatic hepatitis like syndrome and congenital hypothyroidism

Author(s): Esad Köklü, | Selim Kurtoğlu | Mustafa Akçakuş | Tamer Güneş | Mehmet Adnan Öztürk | Derya Büyükkayhan

Journal: Erciyes Medical Journal
ISSN 1300-199X

Volume: 29;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 168;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Congenital hypothyroidism

The early manifestations of congenital hypothyroidism are non-specific and development of the typical features usually occurs gradually. Cholestatic jaundice in newborn is also a difficult diagnostic problem and often leads to extensive investigations. Early diagnosis is important for proper management. It has been shown in several previous studies that biliary sludge can be identified in normal fetuses and this may persist after delivery. Postnatal gallbladder sludge formation was frequently reported in premature neonates receiving total parenteral nutrition. We described a newborn infant with congenital hypothyroidism, gallbladder sludge formation, cholestatic hepatitis like syndrome and abdominal distension, which improved with treatment of sodium-L-thyroxine and presented this case because of its rarity.
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