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A cidade que o crime construiu: breves considerações sobre o ambiente urbano a partir da linguagem

Author(s): Helder Rodrigues Pereira | Bárbara Gecy Pereira Loschi | Hiltter Mahatma Pereira da Silva | Leila Leandro de Paiva | Lilian Silveira de Paula | Manoel Agostinho Gomes dos Santos

Journal: Mental
ISSN 1679-4427

Volume: 7;
Issue: 13;
Date: 2009;
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The present article has the purpose of divulging the work developed by a team of researchers during the year of 2008, in a group of research financed by UNIPAC/FUNADESP. The group developed their studies on the legal speech, having as theoretical basis the linguistic assumptions of the Analysis of the Speech and the Psychoanalysis. The main objective is to understand the formation of the urban space from its symbolic components, observed in the discursive formations. The choice of this topic led the group to research criminal proceedings and, amongst them, to choose one that, due to the abundance of details, could better contribute for the accomplishment of their proposals. Through the results obtained, it can be concluded that the city reveals itself through its literature, which by what it is demonstrated, the city if discloses in its letters, outlines the most diversified forms by which the urban environment has been interpreted by all its inhabitants - whether they are good men or lawbreakers.

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