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Clash of altars, clash of cults: the foundation of Christianity in apocryphal and liturgical texts

Author(s): Els Rose

Journal: Bulletin du Centre d’Études Médiévales d’Auxerre
ISSN 1623-5770

Issue: Hors série n° 4;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: hagiographie | apocryphe | apôtre

IntroductionIn the Life of Martin, the prototype of medieval hagiography, Sulpicius Severus depicts his hero as the missionary of the empire’s most northern regions. Martin is said to wander about Gaul with a hammer and a flaming torch, destroying pagan altars, statues and entire temples in order to replace them with churches and monasteries. We occasionally catch a glimpse of pre-Christian and Christian cult places in the Gallic realm through these stories. The altars and statues in the loca...
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