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A clinical and SEM evaluation of the efficiency of sofscale gel and hand scaling and hand scaling alone.

Author(s): Thomas K | Vandana K | Reddy V

Journal: Indian Journal of Dental Research
ISSN 0970-9290

Volume: 13;
Issue: -1;
Start page: 173;
Date: 2002;

Keywords: Adolescent | Adult | Cellulose | analogs & derivatives | therapeutic use | Dental Calculus | prevention & control | Dental Cementum | ultrastructure | Dental Enamel | ultrastructure

The purpose of this study is to compose between hand scaling with abd without the calculus solvent gel (sofscale) and ultrasonic instrumentation at clinical and SEM level. 30 patients belonging to the age group of 17-50 year were selected. Patients selected were subjected to three different scaling modalities namely hand scaling (control), hand scaling using sofscale (Experimental quadrant A) and ultrasonic scaling (Experimental quadrant B), in three different quadrants. Case report forms were used to document the tooth sensitivity, soft tissue pain after scaling, patient preference of instrumentation, ease of calculus removal, patient comfort, soft tissue irritation, time taken for scaling, Bleeding while scaling, pre and post operative sulcus bleeding index. In addition to the clinical criteria, the teeth treated were extracted and evaluated using the scanning electron microscope to show potential effects on cemntal surfaces. No difference in tooth sensitivity was appreciated between control and experimental quadrant A. There was a higher degree of tooth sensitivity when treated with ultrasonic. Patients in control group appreciated a higher degree of soft tissue pain. Hand scaling using softscale produced a lesser amount of pain and treatment with ultrasoincs was the least painful. Most of the patients preferred ultrasonic scaling (70%) Calculus removal was easier. Hand scaling using sofscale gel results in more patient comfort when compared to hand scaling alone. There was no significant difference in patient comfort between handscaling using sofscale and ultrasonic scaling. The percentage of reduction of sulcus bleeding index showed no difference between the 3 scaling modalities SEM evaluation revealed that there was no significant difference the 3 scaling modalities in relation to residual calculus, cleaning efficiency and damage to the root surface. This study concluded that treatment with sofscale gel appears to be safe and effective method for removal calculus as this did not damage cemental surfaces, nor did it cause any damage to soft tissue. "Your tratar is your calcified hate. Not only the microflora in your oral cavity but also your muddled thoughts, your obstinate squinting backward, the way you regree when you mean to progress, in other words, the tendency of your diseased gums to form germ catching pockets, all that, the sum of dental picture and psyche, betrays you, it is stored up violence, full of murdero us designs" Gunter Grass.

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