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Cloud based Implicit Password Authentication System

Author(s): Ms. Chaitali B. Khodani | Ms. Namrata A. Khodke | Prof. Aditya Bakshi

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science
ISSN 0976-5697

Volume: 04;
Issue: 06;
Start page: 98;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Graphical | password | System | Security | Usability | Reliability | Authentication | mobile | banking.

There is increasing coverage in the literature emphasizing threats to online financial systems. Authentication is a process by which asystem proves the identity of a individuals. Authentication may also be generalized by saying that “to authenticate” means “to authorize”.Authentication is the first line of security against compromising confidentiality and integrity. Though traditional login/password based schemes are easy to implement, they have been subjected to several attacks. As an alternative, token and biometric based authentication systems were introduced. However, they have not developed substantially to justify the investment. Thus, a variation to the login/password scheme, i.e. Graphical scheme was introduced.In this proposed system we have used a new technique for authentication. It is a variation to the login/password scheme using graphical password used in an implicit manner. We have introduced a framework of our proposed Implicit Password Authentication System (IPAS), which is immune to the common attacks suffered by other authentication schemes. Nowadays with the use of mobile phones, users can access any information including banking and corporate database. In this proposed work, we specifically target the mobile banking domain and propose a new and intelligent authentication scheme. However, our proposal can also be used in other domains where confidentiality and integrity are the major security requirements.
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