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Cloud Computing Based PHR Architecture Using Multi Layers Model

Author(s): Shinji Kikuchi | Shelly Sachdeva | Subhash Bhalla

Journal: Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
ISSN 1945-3116

Volume: 05;
Issue: 11;
Start page: 903;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Personal Healthcare Records | Architecture Design | Query Processing | Secret Sharing | SLA

There are important requirements for the adoption of innovative practices in the medical area. In this context, Personal Health Records have been proposed and some services have already been launched. However so far, there have been only a few studies in regards to applying Cloud architecture for PHR, despite the occurrence of a large volume of data. In particular, the existing studies tend to remain at applying them partly, instead of a full adoption based on the architectural characteristics of the service models. In this paper, we clarify the result of the general architecture design by applying the Cloud components for supporting healthcare record areas and highlight the required conditions to realize it. Through the proposed considerations the requirement for the new techniques of query processing has been identified as one of the critical factors, that are combined with several items such as managing semantic interoperability, managing service level agreement and secret sharing, Accordingly, we propose the primary work for building the standardized, detailed and more sophisticated architecture.

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