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Co-Inheritance of Beta & Delta-Globin Gene (HbYialousa) Mutations in an Iranian <i>β</i>-Thalassemia Carrier

Author(s): Atefeh Valaei | Farnaz Eghbalpour | Zahra Kainimoghaddam | Fatemeh Bayat | Maryam Taghavi Basmanj | Morteza Karimipoor | Sirous Zeinali

Journal: International Journal of Clinical Medicine
ISSN 2158-284X

Volume: 03;
Issue: 07;
Start page: 633;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: δ-Globin Gene | β-Thalassemia | HbYialousa | β-Globin Gene | CD39

Introduction: Beta-thalassemia is characterized by absence or reduced synthesis of the β-globin. Carriers of β-thalas- semia, typically have microcytic hypochromic anemia and elevated hemoglobin HbA2 and normal HbF level. On the other hand carriers of severe alpha-thalassemia also have similar CBC parameters to that of β-thalassemia with normal HbA2 level. Co-presence of mutations in the β-globin and delta-globin genes (point mutations or deletions) usually give normal HbA2 and elevated HbF level. We report a β-thal carrier with normal level of HbA2 and increased level of HbF who had a point mutation in CD39 on the beta-globin gene and a point mutation in CD27 on the δ-globin gene named Hb-Yialousa. Materials & Methods: An individual with low hematological indices, normal HbA2 and elevated HbF was referred to our center as routine premarital screening program. Mutations in the β-globin and δ-globin genes were screened using ARMS and sequencing methods. Results: The mutation in β- and δ-globin genes were identified as CD39 and CD27 (HbYialousa) respectively. No point mutation or deletion in α-globin gene was identified. Discussion: We showed that normal HBA2 with elevated HbF level is due to co-inheritance of delta-globin gene mutation with mutation in the β-globin gene. When screening for β-thalassemia, one has to either rule out presence of α-globin gene mutation of mutation in the delta-globin gene.
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