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Cobalt(II) phthalocyanine bonded to 3-n-propylimidazole immobilized on silica gel surface: preparation and electrochemical properties

Author(s): Fujiwara Sergio T. | Gushikem Yoshitaka

Journal: Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
ISSN 0103-5053

Volume: 10;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 389;
Date: 1999;
Original page

Keywords: cobalt phthalocyanine | silica gel | 3-n-propylimidazole silica gel | oxalic acid electroxidation | immobilized cobalt phthalocyanine complex

Co-Phthalocyanine complex was immobilized on 3-n-propylimidazole groups grafted on a porous SiO2 surface (specific surface area S BET = 500 m² g-1) and efficiently electrocatalyzed the oxalic acid oxidation on a carbon paste electrode surface made of this material. Intermolecular interactions of the complex species which can normally interfere in the redox process practically are not observed in the present case because of a low average surface density, delta = 4.7 x 10-13 mol cm-2 (delta = Nf/S BET, where Nf is the amount of adsorbed Co-phtalocyanine per gram of modified silica gel) of the complex species material prepared. The linear response of the electrode to oxalic acid concentration, between 6.5 x 10-4 and 3.2 x 10-3 mol L-1, associated with its high chemical stability makes the covalently immobilized Co-phtalocyanine complex material very attractive in preparing a new class of chemical sensors.
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