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Color –Based Image Retrieval in Image Database System

Author(s): Gunja Varshney | Uma Soni

Journal: International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering
ISSN 2231-2307

Volume: 1;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 31;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Image Databases | Color Information | Query Processing | Color-Based Retrieval | Spatial Databases | Image Retrieval

Image Databases (IDBs) are a special kind of SpatialDatabases where a large number of images are stored andqueried. IDBs find a plethora of applications in modern life, Medical, Multimedia, Educational Applications, etc. Data in anIDB may be stored in raster or vector format. Each of these dataformats has certain properties and, in several cases, the choicebetween them is a challenge. Raster data lead to fast computing ofseveral operations and they are well suited to remote sensing. Onthe other hand, they have a fixed resolution, leading to limiteddetail. In this article, we focus on raster data. We present thedesign and architecture of an Image Database System whereseveral query types are supported. These include: queries aboutthe additional properties (descriptive information) that have beenrecorded for each image (e.g. which images have been used ascovers of children’s books), queries about the color characteristics(color features) of the images (e.g. find the images that depict vividblue), queries by example, or sketch (e.g. a sample image ischosen, or drawn by the user and images color-similar to thissample are sought). Color retrieval is achieved by utilizing colorhistograms. The development of our system is based onnon-specialized tools: a relational database, Visual Basic and thecomputer’s file system. The user interface of the system aims atincreased ease of use. It permits the management of the collectionof images and the effective querying of the images by all the abovequery types and their combinations.

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