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A Comment on arXiv: 1110.2685

Author(s): Assis A. V. D. B.

Journal: Progress in Physics
ISSN 1555-5534

Volume: 1;
Start page: 8;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: OPERA | superluminal | Lorentz transformations

This brief paper traces comments on the article [arXiv:1110.2685]. This article, a preprint, has recently received an attention, raising errors related to the timing process within the OPERA Collaboration results in [arXiv:1109.4897], that turns out to be a wrong route by which serious science should not be accomplished. A peer-reviewed status should be previously considered to assert that [arXiv:1110.2685] claims a solution for the superluminal results in [arXiv:1109.4897]. Within [arXiv:1110.2685], it seems there is an intrinsical misconception within its claimed solution, since an intrinsical proper time reasoning leads to the assumption the OPERA collaboration interprets a time variation as a proper time when correcting time intervals between a GPS frame and the grounded baseline frame. Furthermore, the author of [arXiv:1110.2685] seems to double radio signals, doubling the alleged half of the truly observed time of flight, since the Lorentz transformations do consider radio signals intrinsically by construction.
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