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Comparative efficacy assessment of Tramadol versus Morphine for post operative pain relief following abdominal surgery, Shariati Hospital (1999)

Author(s): Soroosh AR | Mojtahed Zadeh M | Katiraei M | Ganji MR

Journal: Tehran University Medical Journal
ISSN 1683-1764

Volume: 60;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 493;
Date: 2002;
Original page

Introduction: The objective of the present study is to compare the respiratory function and pain relief of two parenteral analgesics tramadol and morphine under clinical conditions. Materials and Methods: The trial was conducted as an open label-randomized, single center study. The study was performed during 3 months in 1999. In total, 64 patients were enrolled in Shariatie University Hospital, while the other 32 patients were treated with morphine. Results: There were 12 male and 20 female in either groups. The mean age was 48±15 in tramadol versus 43±16 morphine group. Concerning the amount of the medication given to the patients. It would be observed that tramadol patients received 194±72 mg and morphine patients 17±7 mg out of drugs. At study admission vital signs were recorded. The pulse rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate are presented revealing no obvious differences between the treatment groups. There was a broad range regarding the underlying type of operation, however, a laparatomy or a cholecystectomy was performed in 24 (75.0%) Vs. 26 (81.3%) patients, respectively. All 64 patients were receiving anaesthetics as stipulated in the protocol. Of them being diazepam, sufentanil, succinylcholine chloride and thiopental as the most frequent reported, 4 Vs. 3 patient were given additional fentanylin a mean dosage of 220 mg Vs. 83 mcg. The oxygen saturation was the main safety parameter of the present study. No obvious differences between the two treatment groups can be detected (P
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