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A Comparative Study On Bamboo Scaffolding And Metal Scaffolding In Construction Industry Using Statistical Methods

Author(s): Hitesh D. Bambhava1 , Prof. Jayeshkumar Pitroda2 , Prof.Jaydev J. Bhavsar

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
ISSN 2231-5381

Volume: 4;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 2330;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Bamboo | metal | scaffolding | safety | cost

Scaffolding represents an important trade in the construction of buildings by providing platforms which allow the workers to carry out their works at height. In Mega City of Central Gujarat region of India particularly Ahmedabad and Vadodara, a variety of scaffolding systems are available. The bamboo scaffolding is regarded to be the dominant type in the local construction industry over the years chiefly because of its low costs. Local buildings have been constructed with the ever increase in height. Literatures reveal the importance of safety and cost as well as their close relationship in construction. and it is found that bamboo scaffolding is rather unsafe and unreliable especially in such high-attitude constructions, while metal scaffolding is too expensive. The success of a scaffolding system depends on many factors, e.g. its features, application and suitability in a market. This study aims at investigating the opportunity of scaffolding system and hence determining its success in Mega City of Central Gujarat region of India particularly Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Concentrations are put on these safety and cost issues. An investigation is carried out based on various literature, questionnaires, interviews as well as case studies. The results indicate that scaffolding system does represent a better alternative in high-rise construction, especially commercial buildings, in terms of safety and cost. Nevertheless, findings from questionnaires show that the use of the scaffolding system is very much contingent upon the scale of the company. Scaffolding system is a relatively important topic in the local construction industry. There were still inadequate acknowledgement and few research studies about the system. Therefore, an attempt to study scaffolding system by collecting responses from developers, contractors and suppliers and analyses it to explore the scaffolding system to give a better insight and recommendation to its local application
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