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A comparative study on Benzydamine HCL 0.5% and Acetaminophen Codeine in pain reduction following periodontal surgery

Author(s): Khoshkhoonejad AA. | Khorsand A. | Rastgar F. Dentist

Journal: Journal of Dental Medicine
ISSN 1024-641X

Volume: 17;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2004;
Original page

Keywords: Periodontal surgeries | Benzydamine hydrochloride | Acetaminophene codein

Statement of Problem: Systemic analgesics are frequently prescribed for pain reduction following periodontal surgery. This type of treatment, however, brings about some disadvantages due to its late effect and inherent side effects. Benzydamine hydrochloride mouth wash is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with local anaesthetic properties. Side effects of benzydamine are minor such as tissue numbness, burning and stinging. It brings relief to pain and inflammation rapidly. Purpose: The goal of this study was to compare benzydamine HCL 0.15% and Acetaminophen codeine as analgesics following periodontal surgery. Materials and Methods: This clinical study was performed on 18 patients referred to periodontics Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. All patients were affected with chronic mild or moderate periodontitis and required surgery at least at two oral sites with similar lesions. Each patient received benzdamine HCL after first surgery and Acetaminophen codein following second operation. Pain reduction was evaluated by Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Data were analyzed with Wilcoxon-Signed and Mann-Whitney non-parametric tests. Results: Analgesic effect of Acetaminophene codeine was significantly more than that of benzydamine HCL following Reriodontal surgery (P=0.008). No significant difference was found between analgesic effects of Acetaminophene codeine and benzydamine HCL in patients with chronic mild periodontitis (P=0.9), and in cases that osteoplasty (P=0-31) or no osseous surgery (P=0.18) were performed. Conclusion: In cases with mild post-operative pain following periodontal surgery, Benzydamine HCL and be prescribed as an analgesic. However, in other cases this mouth wash should be prescribed along with Acetaminophene codein to reduce systemic drugs consumption.
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