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A Comparative Study of the Prevalence of Some Parasites in Animals Slaughtered in Jeddah Abattoir دراسة مقارنة عن مدى الإصابة ببعض الطفيليات في الحيوانات المذبوحة في مذبح جدة


Journal: Journal of King Abdulaziz University : Science
ISSN 1319-1012

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 87;
Date: 1989;
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470 imported sheep (from Australia, Turkey, Somalia, Rumania and the Sudan), 142 imported cattle (from Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and U.S.A.), 5 imported camels (from Sudan) and 4050 indigenous sheep( 2050 Najdi and 21XXH>a m) were examined during post-mortem inspection at Jeddah abattoir for the presence of macroscopically discernible parasites. Blood smears from the animals were also examined for protozoa. The prevalence of hydatidosis amounted to 7.15% in Turkish sheep, 3.56% in Sudanese sheep, 0.28% in Australian sheep and 0.0% in other animals. Fascioliasis was recorded at rates of 15.75% in Turkish sheep, 8.04% in Sudanese sheep, 1.8% in Somali sheep, 1.11% in Rumanian sheep, 0.28% in Australian sheep and 4.22% in cattle. None of the imported camels or indigenous sheep was infected with fascioliasis. Cysticercosis prevalence was 1.62% in Turkish sheep, 1.14% in Sudanese sheep and 0.21 % in Australian sheep; other animals were not infected. Nasopharyngeal myiasis was recorded in 3 of the 5 camels. Blood films showed few positive cases of Theileia ovis; no other blood parasites were observed. تم فحص الحيوانات المذبوحةالتالية في مذبحة جدة لبعض الطفيليات الواضحة :2470 من الضأن المستوردة (من استراليا،تركيا،الصومال ،رومانيا ،السودان )142 من الابقار المستوردة ،المجر رومانيا ،بلغاريا ، الولايات المتحدة الامريكية ) 5 جمال مستوردة من السودان ،4050ضأن محلي (2050نجدي ،2000 حري )
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