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变压器冷却器带电水冲洗与空气冲洗性能对比分析 Comparatively Analysis of the Washing Methods for Transformer’s Condenser

Author(s): 宋玉国 | 齐赛 | 崔悦

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 57;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 变压器冷却器 | 冲洗 | 优缺性 | 比较分析 | Condenser | Washing | Merit and Demerit | Comparatively Analysis

由于变压器厂家在冷却器的冷却管设计和制造,只考虑了满足它的流量和散热,而较少考虑冷却器实际使用环境和现场维护量,冷却管排列过密,冷却器受环境污秽程度严重,导致冷却器维护工作量加大。本文针对冷却器冷却片缝隙狭小,现场带电水冲洗效果不很理想问题,提出分析比较检修人员在清扫工作中,应该选用带电水冲洗还是用空气清洗较好,以此来减少我们的工作量、提高工作效率和工作质量。Since the manufacturer of transformer usually consider only flux and heat dissipation of the transformer’s condenser while it is designed and manufactured, the using environment of the transformer’ condenser and field main- tenance is ignored and the cooling tube is closely spaced. Thus lead to some pollution problem by the environment and the maintenance cost is increased. This article comparatively analysis two kinds of washing methods. The result shows that using air washing has better effect than charged water washing. With that we can reduce washing workload, im- prove work efficiency and the quality.
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