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Comparing the Performance of Ultrasonic Liver Image Enhancement Techniques: A Preference Study

Author(s): Shrimali Vibhakar | Anand R | Kumar Vinod

Journal: IETE Journal of Research
ISSN 0377-2063

Volume: 56;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 4;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Gaussian low-pass frequency domain filtering | Histogram equalization | Image enhancement | Morphological -processing | Nonlinear spatial filter | Wavelet filter.

This is a preliminary study and the objective of this study has been to compare the performance of some of the -primitive and fundamentally different post acquisition image enhancement algorithms as applied to ultrasound (US) liver images. Such a comparison would help to decide as to which algorithm could be useful for clinicians, and in evaluating the role of US liver image enhancement in a soft-copy environment. In this study, 10 US liver images were taken, and 5 fundamentally different and widely employed image enhancement techniques were applied on these images. As the principal objective of image enhancement is to obtain an image with a high content of visual detail, a multipoint rank-order method was used to identify small differences or trends in observations. Among the -different algorithms, the morphological filtering outperformed other techniques. The images with diffused liver diseases had a preference of 76% and the images with cystic masses had a preference of 67%. Wavelet-based filtering closely -followed this with 63% of preference in respect of images with a diffused liver disease and 57% of preference in -respect of images with cystic masses.
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