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Comparision between Optimization and Conventional Catilever Retaining Wall by Using Optimtool in Matlab

Author(s): Sable K.S. | Patil Archana A

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
ISSN 2249-8958

Volume: 1;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 255;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Optimtool | Optimization | Minimum cost | Interior point method

Optimization of concrete retaining walls is animportant task in geotechnical and structural engineering.However other than stability considerations very often in suchdesign the settlement aspects is neglected. As such, attention tovarious aspects of geotechnical engineering design needs to beconsidered. However, consideration of all these aspects makes thedesign complicated. To economize the cost under such situationneeds to vary the dimensions of the wall several times making itvery tedious and monotonous. As it is extremely difficult to obtaina design satisfying all the safety requirements, it is necessary tocast the problem as one of the mathematical non linearprogramming techniques. A program is developed for analysisand designing low-cost or low-weight cantilever reinforcedconcrete retaining walls with and without base shear key inmatlab for optimtool. The optimtool is used to find the minimumcost and weight for concrete retaining walls. Illustrative cases ofretaining wall are solved, and their results are presented anddiscussed by using Interior point method from optimtool. Thecomparison between the conventional design from knowndesigner and optimum cost and weight values which are observedfrom optimtool shows effectively by cost and weight minimizationmodel and graph. The optimum design formulation allows for adetailed sensitivity analysis to be made for variation in topthickness of stem, surcharge load and internal angle of frictionwith different height.
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