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Comparison among some advanced oxidation processes in the degradation kinetics of the crude tannery effluent

Author(s): Camila Lopes Maler | Keiko Takashima

Journal: Semina : Ciências Exatas e Tecnológicas
ISSN 1676-5451

Volume: 32;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 97;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Tannery wastewater | Photocatalysis | TiO2 | ZnO

In this work it was investigated the degradation kinetics of the crude tannery wastewater, collected in the homogenized reservoir with a chemical oxygen demand of 3340 mg L-1 at pH 8.1, through the advanced oxidation processes as photocatalysis mediated by semiconductor, photolysis in presence of hydrogen peroxide and photo-Fenton process at 30 oC. The experiments were performed using a 1:50 proportion in distilled water inside the double wall cylindrical reactor opened to the atmospheric air by varying the oxidant concentration. The degradation rate constants, kobs, determined under pseudo-first order conditions in pH ca. 7.3 and 30 ºC, were higher for the photocatalytic process mediated by ZnO (kobs= 1.23x10-1 to 2.74x10-1 min-1) followed by TiO2 (0.90x10-2 min-1 to 3.35x10-2 min-1). As to for the rate constants under photolysis in presence of H2O2 (9.36x10-3 to 7.44x10-3 min-1) at pH ca. 6.8 as well as in photo-Fenton (7.30x10-3 to 12.0x10-3 min-1) at pH 5.8 was significantly lower than photocatalysis at 30°C. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater was completely removed after 2 h on photocatalytic process at 30 °C.
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