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A Comparison Between Roles of Professors Teaching English Literature or TEFL at B.A Level and Professors Teaching TEFL at M.A Level in the Light of Goffman's Footing Theory

Author(s): Zargham Ghapanchi | Farima Talebi

Journal: World Journal of Education
ISSN 1925-0746

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
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This study aims to examine the metaphors selected by two hundred and forty Iranian B.A and eighty eight M.A students about their professors' roles. The participants were asked to select their preferred metaphors among twenty one metaphors of the checklist about their professors. The metaphors were then categorized based on Goffman's Footing Theory. The results revealed that professors teaching at B.A level mostly take on principal and author roles while professor teaching at M.A level take on author and animator roles.
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