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A Comparison of Correlations for Heat Transfer from Inclined Pipes

Author(s): Dr. Krishpersad Manohar & Kimberly Ramroop

Journal: International Journal of Engineering
ISSN 1985-2312

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 262;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Convective heat transfer | Inclined pipes | Heat transfer correlations

AbstractA review of literature on heat transfer coefficients indicated very little work reportedfor cross-flow pipe arrangement at various angles of inclination. In this studyforced airflow at 1.1 m/s and 2.5 m/s across 2 steel pipes of diameters 0.034m and0.049m were examined with pipe orientation inclined at 30 and 60 degrees to thehorizontal position. A comparison of the experimentally determined Nu and theconventional method using existing correlations for horizontal pipes in cross-flowshowed that at 30 degrees inclination, 1.1 m/s, Nu values were in goodagreement. However, there were large differences at 60 degrees inclination, 2.5m/s. Comparing experimental data with the correlations of Churchill, Zhukaukas,Hilpert, Fand and Morgan showed that for 30 degrees inclination the deviation fromexperimental Nu at 1.1 m/s ranged from 2% to 18% and 2% to 8% for the 0.034mand 0.049m pipes, respectively, while at 2.5 m/s the deviation ranged from 12 % to31% and 20% to 41% for the 0.034m and 0.049m diameter pipes, respectively. At60 degrees inclination the deviation from experimental Nu at 1.1 m/s ranged from19% to 45% and 27 % to 41% for the 0.034m and 0.049m pipes, respectively,while at 2.5 m/s the deviation ranged from 48% to 65% and 29% to 52% for the0.034m and 0.049m diameter pipes, respectively.
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