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Comparison of ELISA and direct microscopic examination for detecting Giardia intestinalis in children’s stool samples

Author(s): Keramettin Yanık | Mehmet Cihan Ekmen | Ali Serkan Hepsert | Murat Hökelek | Murat Günaydın | Belma Durupınar

Journal: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations
ISSN 1309-8578

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 343;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: G. intestinalis | ELISA | direct microscopic examination | comparison | diagnosis

Objective: Giardia intestinalis is the causes of giardiasis,which infects human fecally-orally. This leads to growthretardation in children, leading to malabsorption, which iswidespread in Turkey, especially in the regions having lowsocio-economic status. In this study we aimed to compareresults of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)and direct microscopic stool examination for detectinggiardiasis.Methods: The feces samples of 761 children aged between0 and 16 years who applied to Ondokuz MayısUniversity Hospital with diarrhea were evaluated by usingELISA test and direct microscopic examination.Results: The study comprised 356 (46.7%) boys and 405(53, 3%) girls. Both direct microscopy and ELISA gavepositive results for giardiasis in 17 (2.2%) children. In 13(17%) of the children ELISA was found positive but directmicroscopy did not show Giardia intestinalis at stool samples.Both ELISA and direct microscopy of the remaining731 (96.1%) of the patients gave negative results forgiardiasis.Conclusion: Direct microscopic examination methodsare often preferred because they are more cost-effective,and some other parasites can be found by examinationof feces. Yet, in cases in which children have giardiasissymptoms but parasites cannot be determined by microscopicexamination to search for G. intestinalis antigen bymeans of ELISA can be used as an alternative method. JClin Exp Invest 2013; 4 (3): 343-346Key words: G. intestinalis, ELISA, direct microscopic examination,comparison, diagnosis
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