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The Comparison of Leadership Behaviors (Initiation of Structure Dimension) of College of Physical Education and Sport at Selçuk University Students According to Their Sexes

Author(s): Erdil DURUKAN | Süleyman CAN | Zekeriya GÖKTAŞ | A. Naci ARIKAN

Journal: Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty
ISSN 1302-5007

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 25;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: Leader | Leadership | Initiation of structure | Physical education | Sport

The main purpose of this study is to identify whether Physical Education display meaningful difference according to their sexes while performing Initiation of Structure Dimension in leadership behaviour that these students will have a great role information of our new generations, in our daily life and education system in the future.The data have been obtained through a thirty questions questionnaire. The questionnaire of determining leadership behaviour of “Initiation of Structure and Showing Consideration” however the first 15 questions which from the Initiation of Structure have been assesed.The study has been carried out on the data that have been obtained from 235 students, 69 of whom grils, 166 of whom boys at Selçuk University College of Physical Education and Sport in 2001-2002. The data has been evaluated by calculating frequency , percentage, and means.At the end of the analysises done, cocerning each matter that includes leadership behaviour in its own, it has been found that there is a meaningful difference in favour of the girls in the first question, in favour of the boys in the sixth question and that there is no meaningful difference in the 13th question.In the light of the data collected, it is possible to say that female and male students have (Initiation of Structure) leadership behaviour as a result of no meaningful difference in many questions. Without making any sexual discrimination (Students of Physical Education) can be said to accept and show the leadership behaviour in(Initiation of Structure Dimension) generally as the same behaviour code.In conclusion, (Students of Physical Education) who/which is a candidate for the job of teacher of the future must be a leader in society in which they live, their circles and can show leadership behaviour. These students must build a good harmony, team soul and communication network with their teachers, friends and circles. Theymust also create in the frame of love-respect-responsibility and self-esteem a modern, democratic education enviroment that meets the needs of the age and the mass of people.
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