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Compound Biorthogonal Wavelets on Quadrilaterals and Polar Structures

Author(s): Chong Zhao | Hanqiu Sun | Huawei Wang | Kaihuai Qin

Journal: Algorithms
ISSN 1999-4893

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 1263;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: polar subdivision | Catmull-Clark subdivision | bicubic B-spline | subdivision wavelet | local lifting

In geometric models with high-valence vertices, current subdivision wavelets may not deal with the special cases well for good visual effect of multiresolution surfaces. In this paper, we present the novel biorthogonal polar subdivision wavelets, which can efficiently perform wavelet analysis to the control nets with polar structures. The polar subdivision can generate more natural subdivision surfaces around the high-valence vertices and avoid the ripples and saddle points where Catmull-Clark subdivision may produce. Based on polar subdivision, our wavelet scheme supports special operations on the polar structures, especially suitable to models with many facets joining. For seamless fusing with Catmull-Clark subdivision wavelet, we construct the wavelets in circular and radial layers of polar structures, so can combine the subdivision wavelets smoothly for composite models formed by quadrilaterals and polar structures. The computations of wavelet analysis and synthesis are highly efficient and fully in-place. The experimental results have confirmed the stability of our proposed approach.

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