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Computational Verb Theory: Ten Years Later

Author(s): Tao Yang

Journal: International Journal of Computational Cognition
ISSN 1542-8060

Volume: 5;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 63;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Computational verb theory | computational verb

Computational verb theory (CVT) was inventedin the Department of Electrical Engineering and ComputerSciences, University of California at Berkeley in 1997. In thelast decade, CVT had been undergone a rapid growth in boththeory and applications. Based on CVT, fuzzy theory, set theoryand probability theory, the first measurable linguistics; namely,physical linguistics (PL) was invented in 2002. Furthermore,based on PL, the measurable basis for cognition; namely, theTheory of Unicogse (TOU) was set up in 2004. The firstundergraduate-level textbook of PL will be published in 2007.CVT has been applying to many industrial and commercialapplications since its invention. Its first commercial applicationis an accurate card counter using a low quality webcam.Some other products built based on CVT are: FireEye, theaccurate visual flame detector; TrafGo, the comprehensive visualtraffic monitoring system for intelligent transportation systems;PicSeer, the cognitive image search engine; PornSeer, the smartestpornographic filter; BarSeer, the webcam barcode reader; andetc. Based on TOU and PL, a measurable cognition can be builtin the same way of building a measurable engineering frameworkfrom physics. Computational verbs will be the workhorse of thenext wave of industrial revolution which will be built basedon a measurable cognition. The major result of the comingindustrial revolution will be a brand new engineering calledcognitive engineering. The hardware foundation for cognitiveengineering will be smart robots with intelligent human-machineinterface in natural languages and advanced visual systemswith a PL core. The cognitive engineering will play the mostimportant role in personal services which are the extension of thetendency of personalizing transportation, computing power andcommunication needs.

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