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Author(s): Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARA | Dr. Damira İBRAGİM

Journal: Journal of Turkish Studies
ISSN 1308-2140

Volume: 3;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 395;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Kazakhs | the concept of awakening | pre-Soviet period | independence years | new awakening period

In languages, firstly concrete concepts have takenshape, then abstract forms of these concepts haveemerged. One of these is the concept of “awakening”. Theconcept in question means oyanuw in Kazakh language.Parallel to the embodiment of the language, while theconcept of “awakening” was previously expressing aperson’s waking up after sleeping, then it becomes toexpress human’s liberation from unawareness andcarelessness.Texts which are belonging to Soviet and post-Soviet(independence years) period present to us important datafor this matter. Famous Kazakh poet Abay, who lived in19th century call to Kazakh people in this way: “Wake upfrom sleeping of awareness, be a man!” This concept hasan important place in the works of Kazakh intellectualswho lived at the beginnings of 20th century like MirjakıpDulatov, Ahmet Baytursınov, Mağcan Cumabayev. Forexample, Ahmet Baytursınov, has written his book calledMasa (gnat, mosquito) to save Kazakh people from foreignideology. Baytursınov, said in the introduction of thiswork: “I wanted to sting my people who has fallen asleepof unawareness and awake them from this deepsleeping.” Moving from this idea, Mirjakıp Dulatov has written his book called Oyan Kazak “Wake Up Kazakh”and said in this work:“Open your eye, wake up Kazakh, liftup your head,Don’t spend uselessly your years inthe dark.”These verses, had become slogan of the Kazakhintellectuals in the years of 1930-1940 which areaccepted as Kazakhs’ national awakening period.In 1990s, after the collapse of Union of SovietSocialist Republics, a new awakening period has begun;new awakening began to develop with 1986 “Jeltoksan”events. Kazakh people, waked up from “sleeping ofcentury” and has begun to ways of claiming national,moral, historical values especially his native language.In this presentation, perception of the concept ofawakening in abstract meaning between Kazakh peoplewill be studied.
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