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Condition-Based Maintenance Decision-making Support System (DSS) of Hydropower Plant

Author(s): Irfan Jamil | Rehan Jamil | Zhao Jinquan | Li Ming | Wei Ying Dong | Rizwan Jamil

Journal: International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies
ISSN 2028-9324

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 593;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Condition-based maintenance | DSS | Monitoring device | fault diagnosis | Primer device | Hydropower Plant

Condition-based maintenance is a kind of maintenance which conducted before fault by judging device exception and predicting device fault based on device condition information provided through monitoring device condition. The analysis result of fault diagnosis technology and production management information system which has namely arranged the maintenance plan. The implement device maintenance in light of device health condition due to prevents excessive maintenance or disrepair of device to the utmost extent. During operation, primary device of hydropower plant constantly suffers from sand abrasion, cavitation damage, mechanical wear and other mechanical or electrical damage, which reduces the efficiency of generating equipment and shortens the service life. If timely monitoring and diagnosis and appropriate maintenance are not provided, accident may be induced and cause great economic losses; to make primary devices for production and transmission of electric energy of hydropower plant have high reliability and be in good operating conditions, such primary devices must be maintained. The aim of this paper is to define the gradually improving sensor and monitoring technology which offer the possibility of condition-based maintenance of hydroelectric generating unit and the extraction and analysis methods of fault characteristics. Therefore discussion is summarized briefly on composition, configuration and functions of Condition-based Maintenance System (DSS). And also describes the short introduction of Condition-based Maintenance (DSS) system in typically project of Songjianghe Hydropower Plant as used for primary devices.

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