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The Connection and Distinction between the Design Argument with the Teleological Argument and the Best Creational System

Author(s): Ramin, F

Journal: Comparative Theology
ISSN 2008-9651

Volume: 1;
Issue: 5;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Purposiveness of Nature | Purposiveness of Divine Acts | Order of Nature | Best Creational System.

The design argument faced with big different writings in its Western background so that these writings have essential difference with each others. The design argument is posteriori demonstration for the existence of God which by analogy or induction and partial or general instances of the order in nature tries to affirm the intelligent designer. Since the concepts of design and end have firm connection with each other in the Western writings of this design but the concepts of purposiveness of divine acts, purposiveness of nature and its best system is assumed the same with each other and obvious confusion has been made between the design argument with the teleological argument and the best creational system.The aim of the article is to consider order in the world based upon the united components of a system (design argument), final cause (teleological argument) and best system (best creational system argument) and also to manifest the connection and distinction of these three reasoning.
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