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Control of Threshold and Gain of Parametric Amplification in Magnetoactive III-V Piezoelectric Semiconductors

Author(s): Bhajan Lal | P Aghamkar

Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
ISSN 2153-1196

Volume: 02;
Issue: 08;
Start page: 771;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Parametric Gain | Piezoelectricity | Magnetostatic Field | Doped III-V Semiconductor

The effect of doping concentrations and a transverse external magnetostatic field on operational characteristics of parametric amplification of backward Stokes signal has been studied, using hydrodynamic model of semiconductors, in the far infrared regime. The model suggests three achievable resonance conditions: (i) lattice frequency and plasma frequency (ii) stokes frequency and electron-cyclotron frequency (iii) stokes frequency and hybrid (plasma and electron-cyclotron) frequency and these conditions have been utilised, on one hand, to substantially reduce the value of threshold intensity for onset of the parametric amplification and on the other hand, for switching of parametric large positive and negative gain coefficient (i.e. amplification and absorption). For example a strong transverse magnetostatic field 10.0 T with free carrier concentration 1.5 x 1019m-3 enhances the gain by a factor of 103 as in its absence. Results also suggest that a weakly piezoelectric III–V semiconductor duly illuminated by slightly off-resonant not-too-high-power pulsed lasers with pulse duration sufficiently larger than the acoustic phonon lifetime is one of promising hosts for parametric amplifier/frequency converter.
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