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Correlation Between the Risk of Incompetent Cervix and Maternal Age in Pregnancy

Author(s): Morteza Tahmasebi | Mahan Bahrami

Journal: Iranian Journal of Radiology
ISSN 1735-1065

Volume: 8;
Issue: S1;
Start page: 70;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Keyword

Background/Objective: To evaluate incompetency"nof cervix in different age limits and to compare these"nage groups with the normal population to discover the"npotenial relation between maternal age in pregnancy"nand probability of incompetent cervix and also"nevaluating native incompetence cervix risk in different"nages."nPatients and Methods: In 280 women who were"nbetween 20 to 40 years old and referred for the"nultrasonographic evaluation of pregnancy regarding"nincompetent cervix in first parities, endovaginal"nmeasurement of the cervical length by sonography"nwas performed. The cervical cut-off of more than 30"nmm was recognized as the safe-group and the rest"nwere considered as the at-risk group. The patients who"nwere at-risk were devided into 4 equal age limited subgroups"nthen the incompetency risk in each group was"nanalyzed and compared with the safe-groups."nResults: In all 280 cases, measurement of the cervical"nlength was successfully performed by endovaginal"nsonography with uniqe devices. Fifty-one cases had"npretem labor and the rest were considered as the safegroup."nOverall, the cervical length was 39.25±8.47"nand in the preterm group it was 36.37±8.68. The atrisk"ngroup was divided into age limited sub-groups"nand were compared to control groups in the same age"nlimits; consequently demonstrating that the lowest"nrisk of preterm labor (15.33%) was in the range of 25 to"n30-year-old mothers and the others had a greater risk"nof incompetent cervix. In comparing cervical lengths"nin the groups with the same age limits between the"nsafe-group and the at-risk group, the student T-test"nand two-tailed P value showed significant differences"nstatistically."nConclusion: Maternal age is a simple, selectable"nand accessible factor for increasing the risk of"nincompetent cervix and subsequently preterm labor."nImproving prediction of incompetent cervix may lead"nto the increasing rate of preterm labor which is one"nof the important causes of perinatal morbidity and"nmortality.
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