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Crioconservación espermática en peces, un acercamiento en Siluriformes

Author(s): Juan A. Ramirez-Merlano | Victor M. Medina Robles | Pablo E. Cruz-Casallas P.E.

Journal: Orinoquia
ISSN 0121-3709

Volume: 14;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: cryopreservation | cryoprotectans | spermatozoa | siluriformes.

This review compile information concerning to fish semen cryopreservation, based on experiences in different species of catfish. The siluriformes include genera with a high potential for the continental aquaculture. However, the investigations in this field are scarce. The introduction of this method in the fish farming industry has generated benefits in pro of improving the population and the diversification of species with destiny to commercial production. The cryopreservation involves certain parameters in search of efficiency in the protocols and it offers of diminishing the damages caused by the mechanical stress and the extreme temperature changes, which induce a decrease in the sperm population. Different freezing protocols vary widely in answer post-thawed on factors such as motility, structure and function of thesperm cell, factors such as motility, structure and function of the sperm cell, features that may generate an adverse response in the fertilization of oocytes, and which are discussed in this article.
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